Running Machine: Fuel Fitness F83 Treadmill Summary

What can possibly be a more natural thing than running? Nothing—except walking! The statement that, a person must first learn to walk, before he/she can run is absolutely correct for folks just starting on an exercise routine. A lot of folks elect to exercise on a treadmill for the reason that it is a very effective cardiovascular activity that assists in fortifying the lower section of the body. A treadmill is sometimes called a “running machine,” but it works well for walking too. So, in order to get going, you need to hop onto your walking equipment and walk at a rational, yet quick pace. After you have grown some in your level of fitness, you can add some running to the mix. Then, you can start running all the way through your workout session. If you are in the market for a treadmill, we have a preference for one manufactured by Fuel Fitness: the F83 model.

Running Machine: Main Aspects of the Fuel Fitness F83

This treadmill features a strong 3.0HP continuous duty motor (4.5HP peak), so it’s certain to keep up with even the most vigorous pace. This F83 provides an outstanding range of speed of 1 to 20kph; also, the handrail buttons and six quick speed keys render easy alteration of speed. To make your fitness regimen on this running machine even more challenging, simply increase the incline, which adjusts up to a 15% grade by way of 6 quick incline keys and handrail buttons. The running area is 148cm long x 51cm wide. The machine’s orthopaedic running belt is outstandingly tough as it is 3.0mm thick: additionally, it reduces the amount of stress on the joints and the spine.

Running Machine: More Data Regarding the Fuel Fitness F83 Treadmill

With this treadmill, you get five incorporated programmes, so you will get a broad expanse in your workout routine concerning incline and speed deviation. In addition, there are 2 user-defined programmes as well as 2 heart rate controlled programmes for aerobic advantages. The manual mode gives the user full control over the workout. Its heart rate controlled programmes call for use of a companionable chest belt able to broadcast on the 5kHz frequency. With the heart rate controlled programme, the treadmill machine will automatically change to the workout intensity level to put and keep the heart rate within a certain zone. This zone changes based upon your conditioning goals.

Running Machine: Some Additional Aspects of the F83 Treadmill

The console display that the F83 is comparable to the ones on commercial grade machines. This fitness machine boasts a large LED display and also has a scrolling display right under it. A set of 6 subsidiary windows report constantly on critical workout parameters, including time, speed, distance, incline, calories, programme, pulse, and pace. Also on the console are 2 cooling fans. It has a port for connection of an MP3 player, plus a couple of speakers for sharp sound. The F83 will support a maximum user weight of 170kg, and itself weighs 123kg. The frame and motor have a lifetime guarantee, three years on parts, and three years on labour. This comprehensive treadmill has a price tag of roughly £1,300.

The outstanding Fuel Fitness F83 treadmill running machine is a firm and trustworthy fitness machine.


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