Bikini Line Grooming Tips For The Everyday Woman

Are you thinking of splashing in the beach and experience all the pleasure and fun? Do you always wear your skimpy bathing suit or those teeny weensy bikinis?Are you ready whenever you go to the beach?

When you intend to wear your bikinis and have fun at the beach you have to have proper bikini shave to avoid embarrassment However it is important to shave your bikini line not only when you intend to go to the beach you also need to shave your bikini line to make yourself feel good.

If you are too busy to go to a salon or spa you can have your own bikini shave at home using the following tips.

First, you need to have a razor. Your razor need not be expensive or fancy, just be sure that it is new and rust-free. It should be clean with no shaving cream or hair stuck on the blades to ensure that your razor is not a breeding ground of bacteria and fungus. Using an unsanitary razor might cause allergies and skin irritations. Therefore it is highly recommended that for bikini shave razors should be used three to five times only. If it is still sharp then you can use it to shave your underarm as well as your legs.

The next thing you need to have is a shaving gel for a do-it-yourself bikini shave. If you have very sensitive skin then you need to choose a shaving gel that would suit your type of skin to avoid irritation. You could also use an anti-bump shave gel to make your bikini zone smooth. Another thing worth considering is your shaving conditions. Since it is important to soften hair follicles it is necessary to shave in the shower, since the warm water can soften and moisten the hair follicles. When the hair is already soft try applying an adequate amount of shaving gel then start shaving. If there is no shower in your house, try soaking a wet washcloth in a warm water and put it on top of your bikini zone for a couple of minutes until the hair is already soft and is ready to be shaved off.

Finally in performing your own bikini shave, always bear in mind that you must apply an after-shave lotions intended for sensitive skin to avoid bumps and other skin irritation.


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