Tan Thru Swimsuits


Tan thru swimsuits were a surprise to me when I first heard about it. I remember thinking “how can someone get a tan through their clothing?” When I did some research about tan thru swimsuits, I found it to be a pretty remarkable technology.

Tanthrough Swimwear
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Surprisingly, not many people are aware that tan through clothing even exists.
We all know the sun contains many beneficial properties and every once in a while the sun needs to give you a hug. You don’t want to miss the feeling you get from sun tanning and getting your daily allowance of vitamin D is crucial to healthy living. If you’ve always wanted to remove your tan lines then tan through swimwear is the right choice for you and now you will have the chance to hug the sun back.

A popular place to wear a tan through swimsuit for women is at the tanning salon. Women won’t have to worry about removing their clothing during tanning bed sessions because the tan through technology will help remove those strap lines so an open back dress won’t show the tan lines that most women can’t stand.

Travelling to a tropical destination for a vacation would be a great time to bring your tan thru bathing suits along as it’s very light and easy to take care of and the fabric will wick the moisture away from your body keeping you cool and comfortable all day long. They also make practical travel suits as they are fast drying when you have to get somewhere fast and don’t want a soaking wet bathing suit in your bag. If you happen to be a fan of no tan lines, you’ll be packing the right type of swimwear.

What also fits nicely is the men’s tan through clothing. They’re very durable and hold up during all kinds of outdoor activities. Plus you can tan through shirts and you won’t even realize how it will remove those tan lines until they’re no longer visible. The farmer’s tan could be a thing of the past.

For those men and women who are looking to get a full body tan but don’t feel like trekking all the way out to the clothing optional part of the beach, or spending the money for tanning bed sessions you should know that there is an alternative. You may not be aware that wearing a tan thru bikini for women makes a great substitute for topless sunbathing as does a tan thru suit for men when it is also not appropriate to let things hang out in public, so to speak.

Tan-through swimsuits are ideal if you’re looking for that all over tan because it’s as close to nude sunbathing as you’re going to get without actually getting naked. I also know that if my sister didn’t know about this technology (she works in the media and very up-to-date on things), that there are many other women and men out there who may also not be aware that there are other options when it comes to suntanning and removing tan lines safely and naturally.

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