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A New Instant Sunless Tanner That In fact Works?

It’s difficult to think, I understand. I’m about as white as they come (though my roommate is trying extremely hard to edge me out). I am horrified to head out into the sun since of cancer cells and what-not. And I most definitely will not enter a tanning bed, since … well, again, cancer cells.

So I started to check out the wild world of sunless tanners. There’s seriously a lot of selections that it’s frustrating, from sprays, to creams, to mousse, and so on. Some appear to need over night application and some claim to be instantaneous “I-just-came-from-Bermuda” solutions.

I extracted the over night ones, since that just seems like a discomfort: you need to see to it you have brown or darker bed-sheets (in case it rubs off), dark pajamas (discovering a theme?), and you need to wait till it dries out prior to you go to sleep. Too. Much. Work.

Plus, if I ever got a date, I ‘d most definitely scare them away.

That brought me to the instant products, which appear to be a bit costlier. But you can just use them in the early morning, then set about your day. I like the sound of that much better.

After much browsing, I came down to St. Tropez and this brand-new business called pretendTAN. Everybody enjoys St. Tropez (and they have Kate Moss who is absolutely stunning), however I cannot help it– I was drawn to the underdog.

pretendTAN is brand-new, however they appear to be getting a great deal of press recently. Their website has a great deal of media coverage on their bronzing mist (their item was absolutely in one of the swag-bags at the Academy Awards!), and it appears to be primarily natural.

In truth, the components list was a LOT shorter than St. Tropez’s!

The “bronzing mousse” claims to be paraben-free, oil-free, and odor-free (thank God). The results must be a streak-free, even tan that looks natural.

Anyway, pretendTAN appears very easy to make use of. All you need to do is rub it all over your body, let it dry, then you have a “ideal sunless tan.”.

So if you like trying it out, you can check the pretendTAN bronzing mousse out on And remember to likewise get the pretendTAN Applicator Mitt (just look for it on

This formula is created to work with any skin kind, so you can apply it stress-free.

So easy to apply, you’ll include it right into your early morning routine: just rub mousse all over your body, let it dry, and you’ll be radiant in no time.

Feel positive that you are nurturing your skin. This product is paraben-free (that suggests only safe, natural chemicals are made use of) and oil-free (no greasy residue).

Look like you just came from a tropical vacation, uniformly bronzed in a color that suits you perfectly.

Concerned about a scent? pretendTAN is created to be odor-free, so you can enjoy your lovely look without that cool aroma.

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