Organic Sunless Tanner 6 oz – The Permiere Bronzers Products in the USA

If you're searching for a self tanner, I highly recommend this product!!

I don't use self tanning products usually, but my cousin who is a bronzers addict told me to try this one, and I am so happy I did!

I am going to a big event in about three weeks and really wanted to be more tan. Since I'm kinda scared of applying new stuff like this, especially products that could make a big change in what I look like, I've decided to check it and only applied it to one arm, the inner side of my arm, before going to sleep.
The fact that it is a premium lotion, made me feel pretty at ease with it.

It has a white color first when you apply, but absorbs quickly. The lotion is pretty good, it's moisturizing, but not oily, feels like a high quality body lotion. The next morning I was surprised that I could clearly see the difference between my arms after only one layer! It was like magic!

What I liked most about the product was the fact that the tan looks natural, same as what I currently have on the back area of my arm. Also, I used very small portion of the lotion and the packaging is very big, so it would last for many more applications. It's wonderful for saving a few dollars…

In my opinion for the best results it's better to apply it in thin layers and all over the body to avoid little border streaks. I left thick layer and didn't let it absorb right at one spot and could see a gentle line at that spot, but not anywhere else.

I think it's a very good bronzer for anyone who would like to avoid the dangerous sun but still wants to have some tan! I highly recommend it! It's available on Amazon 🙂

Get ready to get so many compliments that will make you be at the top of the universe like hundreds of other Thermagirls all over the place!

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• Thermlabs Self Tanner Provides Natural-Looking Tan Without The Horrible Exposure to the Sun.

• Moisturizing Lotion Delivers Phenomenal Tan With No Lines!

• Organic! Safe for all Kinds of Skin and Creates the Best and Smoothest Sun-Free Tan.

Our Company, care only about tanning. That's all we work on, night and day. Oh, especially nights!

We put all the time, work and money into forming the best formula in America that will provide the most perfect-looking tan which fits your skin and color, and we make sure it'll work at night! No sun, no dangerous rays, no leaving your home!

We welcome you to try Thermalabs with no risk at all! If you didn't like the results, send it back and receive full refund!

As long as you perform the simple guidelines you'll see the results in a few hours! Remember, this product works to give your skin it's original, natural-looking tan. The premium ingredients will take out the best of your skin. Enjoy the results because it is you.

Join thousands of Thermagirls nationwide that are enjoying our tan on them all year long!

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