My Tan-Through Shirt Review

Tan-Through Shirt Experiment

I decided to do a fun experiment wearing my tan through shirt by putting a butterfly Pastease on my arm and walk around in the sun getting a butterfly tan line through my shirt.



I figured I would do it over a few days, mixing and matching SPF numbers and see which ones would work best. It turned out it took me about a week and a half due to a couple of days of rain and clouds. Everyday I went outside wearing either my collared tan through shirt or my tan thru (collar-less) sports shirt. I applied SPF 30 the first day or two and stayed outside for a few hours. Then I used SPF 8 on my arms and stayed outside longer. One day I went on a boat tour around Miami, FL thinking this would be a good way to put my butterfly tan line to work but after getting on the boat, I realized it didn’t have an upper deck so I was inside and tried to hang my arm over the side to get whatever sun rays would like to say hello.

After about a week had passed and continuing to run my tan though shirt – butterfly tan line experiment, I started to see a difference in my tan lines. Note that if there wasn’t cloudy or rainy weather, the tan lines would’ve appeared sooner.  I don’t think you’re supposed to keep the Pastease on for eleven days either which I did and the butterfly Pastease basically flew off my arm at this point. I also got a slight irritation from the keeping the Pastease on for that long of a time.
I wanted to wait until the irritation went away before I started to take pictures or a video of my results so you could see the tan lines clearly.

Tan-Through Shirts

Butterfly Tan Line Through My Shirt

It’s very important when tanning not to burn. One benefit of the tan through shirt is that it provides constant coverage as it is equivalent to a SPF 6-8.  I can now let the shirt work to eliminate my farmer’s tan while I enjoy the outdoors. Plus I have the added benefit of the shirt keeping me cool during the day as it won’t stick to me which can be real annoying. Be aware that for the most part, peak suntan hours are 10am -3pm. It is also very important to know your skin pigmentation. Some people have fairer skin than others and burn more easily. Take proper precautions by applying more sunscreen in areas that are exposed to the sun. I’m more conservative when it comes to being in the sun so I’d rather apply sunscreen or throw on a tan through shirt than take a chance of getting burned.

The tan through shirts served its purpose while I was wearing them as they are a great way to eliminate tan lines. It’s like wearing a shirt with a secret weapon!

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