How To Avoid Tan Lines When Using A Tanning Bed

Is there such a thing as being able to avoid tan lines safely when lying on a tanning bed? There may be better ways to even out your tan line.

Some time ago, indoor tanning spas were a huge fad in the mid-80’s, just after Fredrich Wolff invented the tanning bed in the late 1970’s. Currently, indoor tanning is not as fashionable as back then, now that the danger of melanoma (aka skin cancer) has alarmed the bulk of the avid tanning supporters.

Tanning still remains popular for:
Young adults trying to attract the opposite sex
Getting ready for spring break
Bodybuilders tanning for competition
Treatment of seasonal depression

So, whatever your reason, you’ve decided that you want to give tanning a shot. You’re ready to know how to use a tanning bed. Realize that there are essentially two breeds of full body tanners offered, tanning beds and booths. The option of bed vs. booth will likely be set by the tanning units in use at tanning salons nearby. Ask the manager of the nearest tanning salon which of their packages will work best for your tanning goal.

Also, have them identify the right tanning lotion for you. There are as many tanning lotions as exist skin types and tanning goals.

The attendant will send you to your tanning suite after you’ve paid.

Once you’re in your room, secure and lock the door, and get out of those clothes and into the bed. You can keep the bare essentials on if you’re afraid of being walked in on or frying your hoo-hoo. But, if you’re hoping to darken evenly, you will probably need to tan in the nude to avoid leaving tan lines. If you do not want to tan naked, you always have the choice of wearing a tan thru swimsuit on the tanning bed.

tanning beds cause skin cancer

How to use a tanning bed:
Rub in the tanning lotion on your entire body, but not your face, since it can trigger breakouts, especially with the added heat/sweat. Open the door of the tanning booth or lift the lid on the tanning bed, as appropriate.

Now, if you’re using a tanning bed, you might want to position a pillow or towel under your head to make things more comfortable. You might also want to turn on your iPod and the fan. Things will get pretty warm when this things heat up.

If your hair is long, you’ll want to secure your hair up on top of your head using a hair tie. This will ensure that your hair doesn’t block the tanning lamps and ensure that you don’t end up with odd tan lines on your face.

Next, most importantly, wear the eye protection provided by the tanning salon during the entire time that the tanning bed/tanning booth is in operation. The UVA/UVB energy from facial tanning units is so strong that it can cause cataracts if you’re not wearing tanning goggles. Closing your eyes is not enough. Your eyelids are so thin that the plenty of the UV will pass through them and still cause irreparable damage.

At long last, start the tanning bed. You might need to press a "start" button or to set a timer, depending upon how your tanning salon works. If you’re just starting tanning and are fairly pale, your first few visits should be from 6 to 10 minutes. After a while you can build up to as high as half an hour per session.

An important tanning fact is that your complexion remains the same when you’re using a tanning bed. If you burn easily outdoors, you will probably fry even easier when indoor tanning.

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Booth or bed, once the timer runs out, the lights will turn off, letting you know that you’ve been baked to golden perfection. Open the lid or door, take off your sunclipse, and wipe off the sweat with a towel. Get clothed again and get your stuff!

Be sure to take your iPod with you on your way out. Don’t shower for the rest of the day; some soaps can work against your tan if used too soon after tanning. With this knowledge now at your disposal, you’re ready for a healthy, radiant tanning bed tan.

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