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How To Tan Thru Swimsuits Safely

Whether it is the middle of August or the dead of winter, the ultimate look is the tan. Some may not admit it but having a tan makes for a sexier overall appearance. Many disapprove of tanning because of the inherit "dangers" but this doesn't have to be the case, as long as you follow simple safe tanning methods. Here we will take a look at the best methods of tanning and the best article of clothing to wear when tanning, tan thru swimsuits.

The first and most important rule of tanning is to wear sunscreen at all times. The SPF required to protect your skin depends on your skin tone and the amount of melanin (tan producing pigment) you have in your skin. The amount of time you will have to spend tanning is dictated again by the melanin in your skin, but regardless of how fast you tan, there are certain guidelines to follow as far as how often one should tan. Whether you are beach tanning or going to a tanning salon, the accepted frequency is no more than 10 tanning sessions within a two to three week period. Anymore than that and you risk damaging the skin. Now on to the tan thru swimsuits  .

For the experienced sun worshipper the most bothersome thing about tanning is the inevitable tan lines. In the past, there was really nothing to be done about them but all that has changed with the creation of tan thru swimsuits. These specially made swimsuits allow just enough sunlight through to promote a healthy tan and make the horrible, unsightly tan lines a thing of the past. These swim suits allow the whole body to get an even and gorgeous tan each and every time. No more making sure to cover your tan lines with a certain shirt or pair of shorts, every part of the body will be beautifully golden and bronzed.

No matter if you are wearing one of the tan thru swimsuits or not, tanning is not to be taken lightly. Always ensure that your whole body is covered with sunscreen to protect you from burning. Some people believe that wearing sunscreen will ruin their chance of getting a tan, but this is false. Sunscreen protects the skin from overexposure and not exposure completely. You will still be able to get a tan but instead of burning immediately, the sunscreen allows for a slow and steady tan to evolve.

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