Tan Through Bikinis – Styles Have Come A Long Way!

Wow… Here’s a cool but DEEP interview with Nycked Swimwear Designer Jules Kim and her take on the bikini.

She mentions how the bikini is a new concept compared to when women first started wearing bathing suits way back when. (So long ago they only had black and white film. The digital age didn’t exist yet)

The bikini is attractive to both men and women and also women feel very accomplished and confident about themselves while wearing it.

Watch the video:

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The modern day woman has a chance to show off their bodies and feel good at the same time!

The swimwear complements them and reinforces who they are.

Jules Kim continues by stating that women who wear a bikini are taking a risk… so pay attention to them!
(Let’s see how guys do while wearing a bikini : )

Swimwear material has come a long way, even those that allow you tan through the fabric.

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