Tan Through Clothing

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Tan through swimwear will help
remove your tan lines!

Get your high-quality tan-thru swimsuits
(for both
men and women) that will look
and fit
great, and even out your tan lines.

You'll find a variety of fun styles and tan thru swimsuits
that won’t cost you more than a regular swimsuit and
will allow you to get that all over tan while never 
risking unprotected exposure to the sun!

Choose from a wide variety of colors and look and feel great anywhere!

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tan-through clothing


Fast drying fabric allows your skin to breathe,
keeping you cool and comfortable all day long.

The lightweight Microsol fabric is NOT see-through when either
wet or dry so you can enjoy tanning naturally and safely while
avoiding any awkward or embarrassing swimsuit situations.

Tan-thru suits are machine washable and are NOT
affected by pool chlorine or ocean salt.


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Loving The Look After Wearing Tan-Through Swimwear
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